Since 1991, Kings’ Palace Real Estate Pvt.J.S.C. has been focused in meeting the real estate client needs. Our company has developed a strong contacts not only in UAE, GCC but also as Internationally, particularly in CIS Countries and are trusted by top Developers and Landlords in handling the projects exclusively.

Knowing the UAE real estate market at heart, and as we base our values on honesty, integrity and fairness to all, we are ready to put into each of our exclusive and non-exclusive projects extra resources just to ensure that people who entrusted us with the marketing and management of their projects will have a success story to tell the world.

Under our trade license, we are very proud to let you know that we are allowed and can do the following services:

real estate investment consultancy
Real Estate Investment Consultancy
investment advisory
Investment Advisory
property selling and leasing
Property Buying, Selling and Leasing
acquisition disposition
Acquisition and Disposition
marketing business development
Marketing and Business Development
Development Consultancies
Market Research
Property and Facility Management
Maintenance of Properties
Property Evaluation
Interior Decoration
Research and Investment
Feasibility Studies